Ram Bandhu Zaiqa

Zaiqa is a spice gift box.

Zaiqa is the latest offering from the house of Rambandhu. It is a spice gift case – an assortment of exotic spice blends and culinary delights encased in an ornate and vibrant metal case. It is a truly unique gift item and will be a delight for any friend or loved one who enjoys cooking (or is learning to cook!).

“Zaiqa” literally means taste and flavours in Urdu. The lingering aroma and aftertaste is an important aspect of the cooking and feasting experience. We have captured these timeless food secrets through our souvenir gift pack Zaiqa.

No dish is complete without the personal touch of the cook and the emotions and memories it evokes. The gift of Zaiqa to your loved ones symbolizes those emotions, making it a present which will be relished and remembered.